Find or create me a training program…

Find me a plan

In our training plan library you will see a range of preset plans for triathletes, runners, swimmers and cyclists that are included with this subscription.

Create me a plan - all about you

Our cycling plan wizard begins by understanding your current fitness level & ability, your bike and sensor types (eg heart rate monitor, power meter)

Your goals

Choose to train specifically for an event, target weight loss, general fitness, or use the system to create a plan targeting a specific area of cycling such as sprinting, hill climbing or threshold power.

Your availability

Everyone is busy and works different days and hours, so our system allows you to enter the maximum number of hours you have for training on a particular day and mark off days that you’re not available for training.

Program creation

Program creation

Armed with this information, our Training System wizard creates you a bespoke training program with all of the variables you’ve entered into the wizard.

You can move workouts around to suit you, add additional workouts from our library, or experiment with different options by deleting the whole plan and recreating it with different inputs.

  • You are now ready to start training with your structued program that is tailored to you.


USD$18 / €16 per month. See pricing for more details.


...I want tools to create & manage my own training

If you’re an experienced athlete who understands the basic principles of training, you can use our system to handcraft your own training program, measure your progress through our extensive range of intuitive analytic tools and integrate and manage your devices easily with our smart alert system.

  • Access over 1,000 structured sessions from our workout library targeting your goals
  • Or create your own structured workouts which integrate with your devices & other platforms
  • Pair your Today’s Plan account with Garmin Connect, or the Wahoo ELEMNT app for automatic uploads via the web.
  • Export your workouts for use in other platforms, such as Zwift.


USD$12 / €11 per month. See pricing for more details.

Workout Sync

Now that your program is ready, use our desktop app Shifter to automatically sync upcoming workouts to your compatible Garmin device (Connect IQ app shortly) so that it’s easy to follow your structured plan. If you have a Stages Dash, Lezyne Super GPS or Wahoo ELEMNT you can automatically sync your upcoming workouts. You are able to automatically sync your run and ride workouts to Zwift.

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Easy uploads

Once your activity is completed there are several easy ways to upload your activity file:

  • Our Shifter application will automatically upload your completed activity files each time your device is plugged into your desktop computer
  • Garmin Connect will automatically sync completed activities to your Today’s Plan account
  • The Stages Dash app, Leyzne app and Wahoo ELEMNT app can be configured to upload completed activities to Today’s Plan
  • Zwift activities can be automatically uploaded to Today’s Plan

You can also sync data from wearables such as sleep, step count, weight and resting heart rate from:

  • Fitbit
  • Garmin wellness
  • Under Armour
  • HealthFit
  • HRV4Training

You can then view this wellness data in your Today’s Plan calendar in conjunction with your completed activity data to help identify trends that may be relevant to your training and performance.

Tracking your progress

Our extensive analysis tools help you track your training progress and understand your activity data in as little or as much detail as you choose. For instance, you’ll be able to see if you are overtraining and risk making yourself sick by being too fatigued. We have many unique data visualisation tools. For instance, if you have a power meter you can use our Performance Index to track your form and progress.

You have access to our workout library to add sessions targeting specific parts of your body’s energy system. Alternatively, it is easy to create your own structured workouts and sync them to other devices or platforms. Each workout’s TScore will drive the predictive analysis to allow you to plan your training.

  • A unique feature of Today’s Plan is our ‘smart alerts’ which tell athletes if ‘bad data’ points are detected, if a compatible device battery is low, or if new firmware is available for a compatible device.
  • You can invite your friends or team mates and compare your activity data to theirs.

Training with power?

Our system does a great job for riders who train by heart rate, but for anyone who has learned how to train with power, there is no going back. Today’s Plan is optimised to help you get the most from your training and racing with a power meter. This includes detailed support for running, cycling and skiing. Here’s how:

  • Help articles and videos on getting your meter configured with your activity computer and other tracking devices.
  • Power (or heart rate) ranges and durations for each workout seamlessly sync to your device so you can follow each session ‘on screen’.
  • Our Performance Index (PI) makes it simple to understand your form and your personal strengths and weaknesses as a cyclist.
  • As a runner you get specific analytics for your power meter data such as the complete Stryd formulas and analytics.
  • Today's Plan also supports data files from many emerging sensor technologies such as cross country skiing.
  • Smart Alerts help manage your power meter for issues such as low battery, out of date firmware and tracking calibration.
  • Each activity is associated with your power meter, allowing you to further validate your performances by knowing which meter was used.

Knowledge is power

Our system includes extensive integrated help. Each training session has a ‘how to complete this session’ video that explains how this session should feel, extensive ‘Knowledge Base’ articles explaining different sports science & training concepts, information on device integration and technical assistance in using our system.

Of course if you get stuck, our qualified support staff are on hand to answer your queries.