Performance Index

The Performance Index (PI) is an easy new way for cyclists with a power meter to see their form in a single number between zero and one thousand and understand their individual strengths at a given time. We have developed this algorithm in conjunction with Dr Daniel Green, the head of Sports Science for the Trek Segafredo world tour team.

The PI works by looking at the rider’s recent peak powers across a variety of time durations from 3 seconds to 60 minutes. The algorithm then combines this information, along with the rider’s weight to provide the single number that is the “Performance Index”.

Performance Index Ratio

The Performance Index Ratio

The rider or their coach can also see their relative strengths and weaknesses today and easily see how that compares with the rider’s historical performance. This allows the rider or coach to decide the type of events most suited to the rider and to tailor training to improve current weaknesses.

Performance Index History

The Performance Index History

It is important to note that the PI is a tool to help you understand your actual performance, or form. It doesn’t show your training load or fitness – we have other tools to show you that information.

You can try out the PI and all the other functionality of Today’s Plan with our 14-day trial. It is easy to create an account, set your weight and simply import your historical data so you can see your PI history. We have various easy ways for you to upload each new ride – such as via Garmin Connect, our Desktop Agent or directly via our website.

In the video below, Dr Daniel Green explains how the Performance Index works.